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Corey has volunteered with, sat on the Board of, taught at, created, and hosted both local and national events for over a decade. He came into our communities in 2002 in Nashville where he met his soul mate. He opened and managed his own playspace for five years in Silicon Valley, which proved to be a rich experience in volunteer management, fundraising and event creation. It also afforded him the ability to present demonstrations, classes and private workshops in a variety of places. J Baby's offers the best of all worlds for all to enjoy!

All About Our Experiences

The core behind the multiple BDSM philosophy is through equality and exchange. The technique in play and approach to SM puts heavy emphasis on the intent of one’s desires. The desire is to facilitate skill sharing and open source education, whether you are seeking integration of Leather into your world, or simply enjoying a sprinkling of kinky play.

“The kinky equivalent of a triple espresso with whipped cream.”


Educational proliferation is focused on the integration of sexuality and intimacy, with personal empowerment. Instruction is participant-driven, integrating open discussion and peer sharing. Appreciation for this bottom-up format is due to Graydancer for his GrUE unconference events.

Corey's Psychology degree and years of experience working with homeless & disabled Veterans, gives her an informed perspective on teaching the use of alternative lifestyle choices for the purpose of growth and healing.

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